Get the most out of your interactions with the brands you love.

Immerse in the utitlity of NFTS

NFTs In Real Life

Scan the Newrons QR-code at any brand outlet that uses Newrons & utilize your earned NFTs.

Different NFT Types

Access memberships, invite-only events or earn exclusive rewards & discounts with Reward & Access NFT types

NFT Wallet

Newrons provides a secure and user-friendly NFT wallet enabling users to manage their NFTs and transactions seamlessly.

Community built on symbiosis


Newrons offers an open marketplace for brands and users to buy sell and rent the Newrons NFTs within it’s ecosystem.

User & Brand Profiles

On marketplace, brands and users can add their NFTs to their respective public profiles for trading or simply showcasing.

Interaction With Brands

Users can interact with their favorite brands, provide feedback using the community tab on the brand profiles.

User Ranking

Users are rewarded with XP and are Ranked based on their level of activity and trade on Newrons Marketplace.


Discover new community-loved brands and Common to Rare NFTs on the Marketplace.

Collections of NFTs

Browse the assorted collections of NFTs by Newrons based on their unique attributes.

Private messaging

To make the marketplace truly open, Users get to privately chat with each other.

Precisely personal and accesible

User Dashboard

A personal and secure dashboard to manage your profile, transactions, owned NFTs and more.

Payment Options

Whether Pay with crypto or USD, your experience on Newrons remains consistent.

Organize NFTs

Users can organize their NFTs into folders on dashboard to find them easily and avoid clutter

Mobile Application & WebApp

Newrons is cross-platform. Get access to Newrons on IOS, Android or the Web.

Notification Preferences

Users can specify which brands can notify and customize their preferences across the platform.

Blockchain security standard

Two-Factor Authentication

An extra layer of protection that ensuring only you can access your account.

Encrypted NFT Storage

NFT storage that uses advanced encryption methods, guaranteeing unmatched security.

NFT Ownership Records

Maintain indisputable proof of NFT ownership through immutable and permanent records.

Regular Security Audits

Through routine audits, a higher standard of security is upheld, safeguarding information and assets.

Control & cutomize

Brand Dashboard

Easily manage, mint, & customize Newrons' NFTs. Take charge of your marketplace profile, & more.

API & Webhooks

Connect & enhance workflows effortlessly, integrate Newrons with CRM & much more.

Analytics and Stats

Track NFT performance, analyze Newrons marketplace trends, and make data-driven choices.

Marketing & Addons

NFT Design Service

Unique NFT creations, choose human-crafted or AI-generated to bring your vision to life.

KYC Process

Seamlessly meet Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements for high-profile brands with a simplified process.

Sponsored NFT Drops

Sponsor your NFT Drops platform-wide , engage a broader audience, & maximize brand impact.

Witness The Evolution of Brand Loyalty

Learn more about how newrons changed the economy of loyalty

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